Zupapa 2020 Upgraded Dome Climber, Decagonal Geo Jungle Gym Supporting 735LBS with Much Easier Assembly


The Zupapa Outdoor Geometric Jungle Gym is a great backyard toy to set up on the grass or patio for the kids to enjoy.  This design can take a lot of weight so many kids can play on it at the same time.

Zupapa Outdoor Geometric Jungle Gym with 750LBS Weight Capability, Suitable for 1-6 Kids Climbing Frame,Much Easier to Assemble (Dome Climber only)

1. The Zupapa Dome Climber is so firm that it can be fit for 1-6 kids within 10-year old climbing on it. All of the pipes have increased thickness compared to previous models allowing the total weight capability is over 750LBS, so feel free to let the whole neighborhood come over and play.  When assembled, it’s 10 feet diameter and 5 feet high.
2. The hard climbing grips are specially designed for the kids, which are small enough so that our kids can easily grab them. Do not worry, all of the grips are made by high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which are safe to use.
3. All of the Zupapa climbing frames are durable and weather and rust-resistant, because the frames are made of Hot-dip galvanized steels, which are a superior pipe for the frame than found in other models and will extend the life-cycle of the play structure.
4. For this dome climber, the weight capacity is upgraded and the assembly has been simplified. The screws have been lengthened and added a nut, which provides better stability and improves the ease of assembly.
5. The Zupapa dome climber has a 3-year warranty, if there is any problem contact the Zupapa customer support and they will service your questions or help answer immediate questions regarding the product or its assembly.

Learn How to Assemble a Zupapa Upgraded Dome Climber:

Geometric climbing domes develop young children’s physical skills and instill courage and confidence in their abilities.


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