[Music]when the weather is warm enough outsidekeep the digital device off kids andstart to make the backyard moreentertaining playing outdoors withfriends is crucial for kids it’llimprove physical development help themdevelop social skills and increaseattention span however if your backyardis still playing you haven’t decidedwhat to build yet here I present to youten clever tricks of how to build funbackyard ideas for kids as usual this.

home.comten a giant water sensory bag projectidea if the weather is pretty hot butyou don’t want your kids to be in abathtub all day long cool them down withthis giant water sensory bedyou only need to prepare plastic dropcloth and duct tape begin with decidingthe size you want for the water bed thenrip the plastic off twice the width ofyour sides because you are going to foldit in layers roll all the edges leavinga hole at the corner for the hose and.

the water bed where you want it a placemay flat grab the ground will work bestwith it the last fill it up with waterdidn’t tape it perfectly this will keepthe kids cool in the hot summer dayswithout getting wet 9 a skateboard swingproject idea repurpose the oldskateboard into a cool swing with streetstyle it doesn’t take a long time tomake nor cost you a fortuneyou only need a skateboard strong ropesand two equal length dowels first youhave to remove the wheels from the.

next drill four holes for the rope inthe skateboard and two in each dowel youcan keep their look or repeat them for anew crisp look cut two ropes with theequal length and inserted in the holesyou drilled remember to tie a knot tokeep the rope in place finally hang theswing on a treeeight slip-and-slide project idea what’sbetter than playing water outside in thehot summer days building a swimming poolit’s a great idea if you prepared enoughsavings however if you’re on a budget.

fun outdoors try this inexpensive slipand slide before making it make sure youhave heavy-duty plastic sheeting with 12feet width and 100 feet length it isimportant to choose a sturdy plastic soit won’t rip and tear spread it on thegrassy and small slope in the backyardand fold it in half next anchor all thesides to prevent it from going down addsome shampoo or liquid soap over theslide thin drizzle it with water notonly kids but also adults are gonna loveto slide on this heavy-duty plastic.

love adventures but letting them explorethe jungle by themselves is not a goodidea well let’s begin with going campingat the nearest nature the backyardalthough you’re not building a tent inthe mountain your kid will beoverwhelmed with joy even better you canengage your kids to build the tent withyou not much preparation is neededbesides you don’t have to worry aboutthe cost and food supplies you cansimply build a tent you’ve bought in astore or you can make one yourself first.

such as three long dowels six longboards and fabric when all the materialsare ready let’s make the frame beginwith drilling a hole at each end of thedowels next wrap two boards and drill ahole one inch down from each end takethe other four boards and drill a holefour and a half inches down from the endand another 1 inch from the opposite endassemble the boards into two trianglesthen join them with the dowels the lastcover the frame with fabric fix abowling party Challenge idea bowling is.

be played by many people so it issupposed to be fun however you don’thave to bring your kids into the bowlingalley instead you can recycle unusedplastic bottles and make your bowlingarena in the backyard first you’ll needto collect 10 clear plastic bottles withthe same type then fill them up withcolored waterchangement fowling pence on a flatsurface and done you can play with thekids scoring as many strikes as you can5 throw the ball to the basket challenge.

with these balls you need boards wirenetting bamboo garden stakes spray paintand balls begin with making a standusing the board next free it and thebamboo garden stakes while letting themdry take the wire netting and make itcylinder place it on the stand theninsert all the bamboo in differentdirections before filling the wirecylinder with balls so have a ball for afloating treehouse project idea if thekids wish more than a tent in thebackyard consider building this tree.

but it’s worth a try 4 pair of plywoodboards and ropes start with cutting theplywood into two large oval shapes thatfunction at the wall make a big hole inthe plywood for the door and anothersmall one for the portholesgrab the other plywood and make a longhorizontal hole for the peephole paintthem and keep it dry next build the deckframe by joining the same size boardsattach the walls for the decking beenthrough the roof beams over the plywoodthe last hang the tree house with rope 3.

easy yet fun to play and you can buildit with your kids try this idea you justneed a big plastic tarp and colorfulduct tape next you can ask your kids tocut out several squares in differentsizes on the tarp using the colorfultape line all the edges and score eachsquare to nature scavenger huntchallenge idea bring your kids closer tonature with a scavenger hunt you canfind lots of nature scavenger hunt onthe internet or make it your own all youneed to do is print it out and adhere it.

there’s no reason for you not to try itfirst because it costs you almostnothing only some paper and ink secondkids will have fun walking outsidehunting and exploring this is one of thebest ways to teach them teamworkreduce them to nature as they probablywill find something new you should beready for some questions before we getto number one I suggest you presssubscribe button if this channel is newto you get new updates automaticallyevery time I upload new videos and let’s.

top chart lastly number one backyardbeach fun projects idea summer feelsincomplete without going to beachhowever beach is not safe for a baby boysomehow so it’s better to considerbuilding your own Beach in the backyardfirst make a 7-foot large frame squaredig deep holes on each corner for thepipes then spread out a landscape fabricpour in the sand and paint the pipe onceit’s dry attach a fabric for the roofthen add the accessories you wish forthe beach backyard so those are ten.

backyard ideas for kids that mightinspire you have you decided which oneto build for the kids in the summerthat’s it for now before you leave likethis video if you truly enjoy it commentit or share it with anyone close to youin your social media account or emaillist browse and follow simps homewebsite for more home decor and makeoverideas lastly see you again later withmore videos like this in the near futureand until that time thanks for watching[Music]