A Sledding Snow Day with the Kids

Hit the snowy mountain.  Get some fast runs down the hill.  Have a snowball fight.  Brew up a pot of coffee and make some hot chocolate.  What is a sledding snow day to remember like for your family?  The best snow days combine outdoor time shenanigans and a few special treats.  There is nothing better than enjoying a snow day with your kids.  They only have so many winters when they are young; the snow is magical, so live it up.

The Perfect Snow Day

The perfect snow day starts off with an early report that school has been canceled.  If you live in an area that gets a large amount of snow then this isn’t happening.  However, in many parts of the country, snow is infrequent and a heavy snow day will result in no school for the kids.  This immediately means you have a handful to deal with.  Make the most of it and create a sledding snow day with the kids that they will never forget.

Pre Sledding Routine

Brew up your morning coffee.  Add some extra water and make hot chocolate for the kids.  This gets the winter activity mood going.  Dig out the snow sleds that you bought earlier in the year in anticipation of this year’s snow.  Get the jackets and snow pants.  It’s adventure time.

Hit the Sledding Hill

Head on over to the sledding hill, which will likely already have a few kids on it if you are not there super early.  Getting in early runs down the neighborhood sledding hill is important.  As the day wears on the hill might turn slushy if the weather warms up.  It is always good to get sledding time in earlier rather than later.  Ultimately, your kids are going to be chomping at the bit to get outside and make it happen.  Embrace this.

A Sledding Snow Day to Remember

If you live in a neighborhood with several hills it’s ok to be travel sledders and hit them all.  It can be fun to see how many spots that you can sled down in a single day.  Every hill or steep street has it’s own ride.  Some might be smooth and fast others are windy and bumpy.  Conquer all the sledding hills in a single day and be the super dad.

For younger kids, it’s wise to attach a rope to the front of their sled if it does not have one.  Pull them to the spots.  This helps save their energy for walking up and down the hills so they can get more runs in and you get a little exercise and stay warm.

Sledding Fun for the Whole Family

The entire family should be participating in a sledding snow day.  This means from toddlers to older teenage kids.  Heck, you never know when an impromptu neighborhood snowball fight is going to break out and you need every able body you can bring to the fight.

A Sled for Everyone

These are the top 4 sleds that I recommend you consider having on hand for winter fun.  The perfect day of sledding starts with the perfect sled for each member of the family.

  1. The best all-purpose sled on the market is the Sno-Storm 50″ Vipernex Snow Sled 2 Pack.  It comes with two sleds.  This lightweight sled has a sleek design for optimal performance.  Multiple handle placements this sled is made to ride any hill you can find.
  2. The Spyder Omni Snow Sled is a hard sled that is dual purpose.  This sled has you covered for both the winter and the summer.  With its thermo molded construction it was made to take a beating.  Perfect for sub-optimal snow conditions.  However, due to its construction and design when taken to the beach it serves a dual purpose as a body board in the surf.
  3. Looking for the classic winter snow toboggan sled made out of wood with metal rails?  The Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled is the one you want.
  4. The classic round disc sled is hard to beat.  Check out the Sno-Storm 24in Snow Battle Set.  While it comes with two round sleds perfect for any hill, it also comes with two snowball makers.  When your kids have had enough fast flying action down the slopes a snowball fight is a great way to break up the day. Use the sleds as shields and get after it for a battle royale in the snow.

Winter Sledding Adventure

The number one important aspect of a day on the slopes sledding is to have fun and make it an adventure.  Whether you are driving to the mountains for a special snow day or the snow came to you and you are going to your neighborhood hills.  Who can fly down the hill the fastest without a sled?  How big of a snowman can you make?  Can you hit that tree with a snowball?  Come up with random ways to break up the sledding adventure with other winter activities in the snow.  These are the days that your kids will look back and remember their entire life.  Where you the dad that built the massive snow fort and battled the neighbors or did you sit on the porch and yell at them to not go too fast?  Dad have fun out there and enjoy the winter snow