Interested in Learning How Much Snow Do You Need to Sled?

Surprisingly you do not need a lot snow at all in order to go sledding.  If you are looking at the weather forecast and questioning how much snow do you need to sled. Rest assured all you need is a little bit.  If you are sledding on a concrete surface it is nice to have more snow than less.  However, when sledding down a large grassy hill all you need is an inch or two to make the hill slick.  Little kids love sledding during the winter so take advantage of any dusting and get out their on your favorite snow sled and get after it.

How much is too little snow to sled?

When all you see is a few snowflakes on the ground it is not enough snow.  It is essential that the snow is accumulating and sticking on the ground.  You can safely go to the garage and get the sleds out as soon as there is half an inch or more of snow sticking on the ground.  More is always better to a point.  Especially, if you will go sled on a concrete street.  Three inches of snow is the recommended minimum snowfall accumulation before considering sledding on the roads.

If the ground is just ice it is possible to go sledding.  A sled on ice is uncontrollable and it will hurt when you fall.  As a result, most parents will want to keep young children from sledding on pure ice.  However, your teenage kids aren’t going to listen anyways, so let them go have some fun.  A good dad is always ready for the eventual accident that results in a minor injury.

A good of rule to consider when looking outside at the snow on the ground to gauge if it’s enough to sled safely is if the grass is covered.  If you still see lots of blades of grass sticking through the snow it probably is not enough.  When you are dealing with these very minimal amounts of snow try to play another activity like a snowball fight or making snow angels.  Ultimately, though let’s be honest, the kids want to hit the hill for some sledding fun and it’s our job to make sure they are safe so stay on the grassy hills and out of the road when the snow levels are super thin.

How much is too much snow to sled?

It’s really hard to find a scenario of too much snow tubing.  Go up to the mountains and you are tubing down  on top of 50, 60, 70 inches or more of snow.  The only time that too much snow is difficult to ride is when a few feet of very deep powder fall all at once.  These kinds of conditions make climbing a sledding hill difficult as you fall in up to your waist.  It is also hard to jump on top of the sled and get it going downhill when in very deep light fluffy powder.

What is the perfect amount of snow for sledding?

My favorite amount of snow for a fun day of sledding is at least 6 inches.  Anywhere between 6 and 12 inches is perfect for this activity.  This ensures that the ground is fully covered.  The sled will pick up speed quickly due to the relatively hard surface underneath.  While at the same time providing a soft landing for the eventual crashes that occur.  When there is too little snow it makes falling hurt.  Too little snow will also create open patches fast as the snow gets compacted down and the sun shines and starts melting as the day progresses.  Too much snow in a single snowstorm and it becomes difficult to walk in and hike back up the hill to enjoy the day.

Does the type of snow matter for sledding?

The type of snow absolutely matters.  I prefer soft dry snow for sledding.  Icy snow makes the hill or roads super fast which is fun, but dangerous.  Wet snow tends to stick together and gets heavy.  Nothing worse than getting soaking wet from very wet snow when you fall off a sled.  A dry snow will remain light and fluffy longer.  As a result, when you crash and fall the snow will quickly dust off your snow pants and jacket.

What’s the perfect sled for sledding with minimal snow?

The traditional round snow sled is always a winner.  However, when you have minimal snow you really want a high quality sled.  This ensures a safe experience and maximum control to avoid crashing and falling on the hard surface.  The sleds made by Sno-Storm are all excellent options.  My personal favorite is the Sno-Storm Vipernex Snow Sled.  Sno storm is pure winter fun quality.  Any of their models get the job done with limited amount of snowfall.  If you are concerned about how much snow do you need to sled and you are the owner of a Sno-Storm, it is ok to have confidence the sled will get it done if there is any more accumulation on the ground than just a dusting.

Don’t Wait for Snow to Fall to Get a Sled

If the snow is sticking you better be searching the garage for the sleds because winter fun is about to happen.  Never be late to the party and forget to have a sled before the season starts.  Get your sled ahead of time and when their is enough snow on the ground you will not have to run to the store to try and fight with all the dads that did not plan for the winter.  It is not like winter doesn’t come around every year.  Why pay too much money for a crappy sled when you can prepare in advance and get a premium pair of sleds for your family to enjoy.