unless you’re a father yourself you have no idea what it’s like to ride this wild ride called fatherhood. There are tons of ups and the downs and the joy and the sorrow and the pain and the frustration and the excitement and the sleepless nights but if you’re anything like me you want your kids to have more to do more to actually be more but in order for that to happen we have to be the best version of ourselves as father is that we can be and today I want to talk with you about 10 ways to.

first thing we need to recognize is that our children are actually different than us we as fathers have a tendency to start pigeonholing our children into behaving and doing and be excited about the same things that we are but what we need to recognize and understand is that every child is unique and every child is different they’re going to like different things they’re going to respond to different things differently and are going to have different interests it’s okay that they’re unique.

our job as fathers is to let them explore their uniqueness and their individuality the next thing that we actually need to do is we need to eliminate our distractions this little device that I’m recording this video with our cell phones those are all distractions then keep us from connecting with and relating with our children don’t care about how many Facebook Likes we have they don’t care about the latest YouTubevideo what they do care about is quality.

distractions technology and everything else that is keeping you from connecting with your child now as reading a book lately wild at heart by John Eldridge and in the bookhe suggests that each little boy each little girl is trying to answer a question little boys are trying to answer the question am I enough do I have what it takes and little girls are trying to answer the question am lovely our job as fathers is to answer those questions for our sons and for our.

what it takes that they are enough to let them know they’re worth fighting forto let them know they’re worth protecting if you can do that as a father you’re going to be a step ahead of the game also as father’s we need to look for teaching moments now we have a tendency sometimes to bring the hammer but what I suggest to you is that it’s not always about the discipline it’s not always about punishment or restriction it’s about teaching opportunities our job is to be.

kids our children are boys and girlsstep out of line or do something theyshouldn’t do our job is to help them andnavigate them to the path that they needto go so that they can actually besuccessful when they step out on theirown we also need to recognize that it’sokay to be silly at times it’s okay tobe goofy and wacky and crazy with yourkids I think too often we are so seriousbecause we’re caught up in buildingwealth and we’re caught up in ourbusinesses and we’re caught up in our.

the household but sometimes we just haveto relax we have to smile and we have toplay and we have to roughhouse we haveto be goofy with our children so that itcan understand life is about enjoymentalso I want you to recognize that it’sokay to be nosy this is one time in lifewhere it’s okay not to mind your ownbusiness our kids spend two hours in themorning with usand they spend two to three hours atnight with us and the rest of the daythey’re spending with their friends or.

I want to know what’s going on my kid’slifewhat are they being taught is it in linewith what I believe is that the rightthing are they being bullied askquestions get engaged get involved andlet your kids know that you actuallycare about what’s going on in their lifeconsider coaching their teams considergetting involved with theirextracurricular activities again wedon’t have a lot of time with them andso coaching teams getting involved with.

opportunity for you to connect on adeeper level not only for you to showthem how you respond to teams and howyou respond to other kids but to letthem know that they’re important if youcan get involved and be engaged withyour children you’re gonna have funyou’re gonna learn from them and they’regoing to learn from you next is be thedad first it’s dad first friends secondI have friends growing up that didn’thave any guidelines or restrictions andthey could roam around town and do.

consequences and looking back on it nowI’m so grateful that my mom instill discipline and structure because ithelped me get to the point where I amtoday there’s too many people out therethat are concerned about what their kidsthink of them and they’re concernedabout being a friend when they should bethe disciplinary figure and they shouldhelp those kids our sole priority asparents is to get our kids to the pointwhere they can step out on their own andbe completely self-sufficient and handle.

first friend second also let your kidsget involved with you we talked aboutbeing involved with your kids activitiesbut I think it’s just important thatthey get involved in your activitiesI’ve got a shop here we like to play andtake her and build I also do Spartanraces and I invite my kids to comeparticipate in those with me becauseit’s an opportunity for them to learnsomething new but it’s an opportunityfor me to stay engage with them in themidst of everything else that all of us.

want to share with you today and I thinkthis is the most important is teach yourkids the value of hard work this is amajor problem in society too many peoplebelieve that they’re entitled tosomething that they deserve somethingand the only thing that somebodydeserves is the things that they’ve beenworking hard for and have earned andthat’s what we try to instill and teachour children that they’re going to havechores that it’s going to be hard workthat they’re going to have commitment.

this is what we need to focus on withour kids and if you remember me sayingthat our sole purpose as a parent is toget our little children to the pointwhere they’ll be completelyself-sufficient and handle anything thatlife has to throw at them the bottomline here guys is that I want to be agood father you want to be a good fatherand when we follow these principles andthe other principles that help us be thebest versions of fathers that we can beto help our kids have more to help our.

the midst of everything else that going on and the roller coaster it is to raise little boys and little girls when you follow these principles you will be a success as a father

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