A few things to remember when sledding down fast hills during the winter.  Always look out below yourself prior to sledding.  Make sure that there is no traffic if near a roadway and look for small children or others in your path that may not be able to move out of the way.  Have fun and enjoy the snow every chance you can.  A quality snow sled is an essential tool so use a well-made sled in order to avoid an injury from a failure of an old sled breaking.

Snow of course already on the ground here in north-central West Virginia is a fun way to enjoy the snow.  Let’s go sledding however despite a decrease over the last several years sledding injuries are still a concern a new study conducted by researchers at the center for injury research and policy found that children were almost seven times as likely to sustain an injury from sledding as adults.

A collision can be the most dangerous result of sledding says Morgan town fire department’s lieutenant john Lemley as he urges caution when going down a hill make sure you’re in an area free of obstacles like trees and fences and certainly be aware of other people there’s a significant possibility of head injuries or other bodily injuries if you come in contact with somebody strikes something.

Some precautions that could be taken include wearing a helmet double-checking your surroundings and going down feet first on the snow sled and above all just have fun in the safe safest way possible and enjoying the day out in the snow