Airhead Classic | 1-2 Person Snow Sled

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This is a single or double classic snow sled. The Airhead sled is the perfect snow toy for having in the garage to enjoy random snow days. Snow may only happen in your area a few times per year, so be prepared. What kid doesn’t love to go flying down the big neighborhood hill on a sled? Be a cool dad and let them fly. This toboggan will get the job done. Perfect for solo sledding or going with a buddy.

Made with high impact plastic designed to take a rough beating on the snow and ice. Therefore, this toboggan sled is made to handle whatever it might slide over.

Designed with molded plastic handles to give the kids a chance at steering the direction they want to go. This sled includes a built-in rope lanyard to make carrying the sled back up to the top of the hill to bomb it, again and again, all day.

This sled is 35 inches in length and 17 inches wide and has a depth of 5 inches.

This is the classic winter toy and will certainly build wonderful snow time memories for your kids as they enjoy feeling the cold breeze blow in their face as they ride this toboggan sled.


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