Franklin Sports MLB Adjust-A-Hit T-Ball Set


Backyard baseball practice made perfect with an adjustable t ball set.  This is perfect for your young slugger that is working on honing his or her swing.

  • Lightweight EVA base construction with durable PVC tee and Adjust-A-Hit technology
  • Tee adjusts from 21″ to 30″ in height with a simple turn of the wrist and lock motion
  • Soft rubber foam barrel with Adjust-A-Hit technology
  • Bat adjusts from 21″ to 27″ with a simple turn and lock motion
  • Includes: soft foam baseball

This powerhouse baseball T, bat and ball are a complete set for practice swings in the yard all day long.

Franklin’s MLB Teeball Batting Starter Kit is a great way to introduce swinging a bat at a ball or practicing hitting on their own.  The set includes Franklin’s MLB Anti-Tip Batting Tee so your kids can learn the fundamentals of hitting without knocking over the tee swing after swing. The batting tee also features a bungee cord attachment system connected to the training ball so you never lose sight of the ball and it makes it easy for repeated practice hits. Finally, the set includes a 25 inch wooden teeball bat suitable for the youngest of future all-stars.


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