Going big with the backyard water slide

One of the biggest advantages of a DIY homemade backyard water slide is the potential to do something big and amazing. While you might not have the right conditions to go as long as some of the slides in the videos below. Don’t worry making a slip and slide that is over a 100 feet in length is very doable.  There are a ton of YouTubers sharing their huge and extravagant backyard water slides and detail how they build their projects.

The following videos are some of the best videos of people going big with their backyard water slide.  If you are looking for ideas and suggestions for how to make an absolutely massive slip and slide on the side of a big hill than these are a great start. Do you want a super long slide or an extra-wide slide?  \

Do you have a pond on your property? A backyard water slide with a jump at the end launching you into the pond is an awesome option. Going big with your DIY slip and slide can be a lot of fun and a way to take advantage of unique features like a pond.

A Fast 700 Foot Long Slip and Slide

The hill this giant slip and slide is on gets some serious speed for the kids and adults flying dowin it on inner tubes.

The worlds Biggest inflatable backyard water slide that ends in a huge pond

How To Go Big and Make Your Own 100 foot Backyard Water Slide

A Massive Slip and Slide

Whether you are planning on making a giant DIY homemade slip and slide or purchase one there are several types of slides.  Learn the different types of backyard water slides available.  Creating a customized DIY slide like the ones in the videos above can be a fun but expensive undertaking.  There are still several giant backyard water slides that come ready to play right out of the box.