Wow World of Watersports Giant Backyard Waterslide with Bowling Pins, High Side Walls, Built in Sprinkler, 25 Feet x 6 Feet


This backyard toy is perfect for dads that enjoy backyard water games that are bigger than life!  This physical bowling water slide is tons of fun for the whole family.

The WOW Strike Zone is a giant 25′ x 6′ water slide for the backyard lawn that will keep the kids and everyone watching entertained all day long. The slide is made from an extra thick, heavy-duty, super-slick embossed PVC so even if dad decides to go for a run and slide it will hold up to dad bod abuse. In fact, it is more than twice as thick as the typcal backyard water slide available.  World of Watersports extends to this product its awesome WOW’s 1-year warranty.

The zig-zag patterned, 25′ embedded sprinkler system, connects to the standard backyard hose, runs the length of the slide and has 100% water coverage so no dry spots. This backyard water slide also has installed sidewall pontoons included to keep the water (and the riders!) on the slide and out of the gutter! That’s not even the best part – this slide comes with inflatable pins! You read that right, your already cool water slide just turned into a giant bowling alley in your backyard! Each slide comes with 2 inflatable sleds to cushion the fall and make the slide even more slippery. Riders slide down and burst through the pins like a champion!


  • Giant 25 foot by 6-foot Backyard Water Slide
  • 6 Giant inflatable bowling pins with water ballast system so the inflatable bowling pins stay standing up on your favorite slope. Each pin is 24 inches tall and 10 inches wide
  • Zig Zag spray pattern sprinkler system runs the length of the slide for awesome water coverage for great sliding
  • Connects easily to your backyard water hose
  • Extra-thick, heavy-duty PVC. More than twice as thick as most lawn slides on the market
  • Super-slick embossed PVC so no need to add soap
  • 8″ high side-wall pontoons to keep the sliders and the water on the slide
  • Comes with two 36 x 24 inch sleds to soften the impact on the ground when sliding and for a more slippery ride
  • Customized pontoon connection system to connect as many slides together as you want. Make your own 100-foot slide
  • Patented Design
  • Easy setup
  • Backed by WOW 1-Year Warranty

Bowling pins and high inflatable walls make this backyard water slide is a big step up from all the random DIY homemade backyard slip and slides.


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